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A Wake Up Lamp

2018 Fall

Lighting design

This alarm emulates sunrise in the morning. With the lamp opening up, light gradually becoming brighter, our body will wake up naturally and feel more refreshed.  Physiologically, the retina is connected to one part of the brain which controls our sleep, since the retina is sensitive to the light, the gentle changing of light could help to the body to wake up.

It can be used as a bed lamp, at the time when the lamp is turned off, the alarm is set; the top shade will rise automatically 30 min before the selected alarm time; the light will be flashing when it comes to the selected time in order to wake people up.

2019 ID porfolio.jpg
2019 ID porfolio2.jpg
2019 ID porfolio2.jpg


Hand gestures were explored at an early stage to find out the easiest way to turn on the light.

Then I decided to use the pushing down and lifting up gestures because it follows people's habits. 

2019 ID porfolio2.jpg
2019 ID porfolio2.jpg
2019 ID porfolio2.jpg
2019 ID porfolio3.jpg
button detail.jpg

Flashing button:

To stop flashing

Light button:

To turn on the light automatically

number detail.png


Alarm dot:

To active alarm



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